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Harris’ Day Out; an incredibly overdue blogpost

Thursday, 5 September 2014

After an incredibly grueling week, we were done with our A2 mock exams. As far as we know, things were just getting started seeing as A2 is barely two months away but there’s always room for celebration. Straight after our ‘not too bad’ maths paper, shivering and pushing through the crowd of students excitedly discussing math problems, a group of us (the usual suspects save Austin and Gerald) made preparations for the evening ahead. Mocks was over and it was Harris’ birthday.

After a brief detour to my place, we arrived at the Metropolitan park in Kepong and were reunited with the gang. I should probably mention we split up into two cars with Bellyn and I should also probably mention we tried to prank Harris by leading him to think that our plans were a disaster after a distressing call from Rynn and Danny (A+ acting guys you really sold it!) claiming they ended up at the wrong park. A park which happened to be in Shah Alam, when in reality they were actually already at the Metropolitan park getting ready to surprise Harris. I should also maybe probably mention that Zi Tian and Michelle had no idea whatsoever about this prank. Exploiting this fact, we got Danny to ring up Michelle and you can probably guess what happened next. So yeah method acting at it’s finest, folks.

Bla, bla, bla a 15 minute ride to the park and bam, we arrived at the entrance, spotted the boys fiddling with each others shirts, sharpie in hand. Just a side note, they were meant to surprise Harris by writing “Happy Birthday” on their tummies but that didn’t work out. Moving on. The second we touched down, the penny boards were brought out and the folding bike unfolded. Soon we were on our way to our camp site for the next couple of hours. Mode of transport: 3 penny boards, a folding bike, and 5 pairs of feet.

After about a 10 minute walk, we reached a huge field where we laid out our carefully selected blue-polka dotted shower curtain come picnic mat. What happened next? We had a lot of fun. (Refer to the images attached, if still not convinced please click the link to view documentation of the event in the form of videography. If convinced, click anyway it’s a great video.)

Bellyn documented the entire thing. Watch the video HERE.

I guess what I liked most about this outing was how lovely it felt to be lying on the grass in a huge park somewhere surrounded by your mates and eating ice cream. To top it off, we even had an amazing seafood dinner after. Yeah. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves!

Soo..I finally got myself a soundcloud account and uploaded something! Definitely enjoyed trying out new stuff (new to me anyway) with this one.


SLEEPING WITH THE WOLVES | A mix consisting of 17 extremely bad ass songs.


no sugar in my coffee // look me in the eye sister // who are you really? // the villain // fever // elephant // the wolf // gold // a little death // fever // a little closer // wolf like me // we must be killers // eyes on fire (zeds dead remix) // i take comfort in your ignorance (tycho remix) // the devil takes care of his own // if i had a heart

" Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now. "
by  Eckhart Tolle (via tellmefive)

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Just a couple of quick edits of some of the shots of chvrchvs I took while she was posing for bellyn. 

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So today I made lunch for one and only after placing everything on the plate, I remember I’m not allowed solid foods for the next two days  because of something my dentist did to my teeth and braces this morning. As a result, I spent almost an hour at the dining chewing my food at an even more agonizing pace than usual (I am a very slow eater even when my teeth don’t hurt).